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Our Mission is to Make Disciples Who Make Disciples

Our Plan – CONNECT- GROW- SERVE.  Connect, Grow, Serve highlight the process we follow to accomplish our mission.  

Our Motto, which characterizes this process is that we transform people through Christ, one relationship at a time.

Our Core Value is to Love God and Love One Another as Christ Loves Us.

We Grow together as disciples of Jesus Christ

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As a church, we want to provide an inviting and caring community for others to CONNECT to Jesus Christ.  Jesus showed us his love by dying on a cross for our sin.  He motivates us to share this good news with others and to invite all to seek God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus.  We invite everyone to build relationships in the church by worshiping together, praying for each other, and participating in a small group for discussion, instruction, and fun activities.  These relationships give new people the chance to explore faith in Christ in a loving and supporting context and gives believers the chance to share their heart and grow in love.

Explore the other tabs to discover ways to connect.  Join us in worship on a Sunday morning.  Send us a question or a prayer request that we can respond to for you.