We believe SMALL GROUPS are the best setting to grow as disciples. As hospitality is extended and life is lived together in close community, there is opportunity to be real about the joys and struggles that we face.  Fellowship, accountability, encouragement, and service can be experienced in deep, unique, and meaningful ways, helping each of us to BE DISCIPLES WHO MAKE DISCIPLES.  We encourage every member of Galloway to be involved in a small group.  

Find a group that works best for you!  Check out the link below.


Small Group Sermon Guides and Supplements are available HERE.

In addition to small groups, for those who desire to go above and beyond, there are larger more specialized groups at Galloway.  These larger gatherings allow like-minded Chistians to rally around specific activities and projects on a less regular basis.  Check them out:

  • Over 50s – fellowship group
  • HandiHelpers – fundraising project group, includes the making and selling of hard tack Christmas candy
  • Galloway Women – service and fundraising project group, including annual soup sale and hat & mitten tree at Christmas
  • Levites – service group focusing on general upkeep of our facility
  • Bible Study
  • Clean Up Galloway – road clean up service group  (requires signed release form)

 Specific meeting times for these larger groups can be found HERE.