Galloway Church

Church Center App

Once you download the app, create your profile, then link to Galloway Church. You will find weekly announcements and a link to give online. It has a check-in feature that makes it easy and fast to sign kids into the ministry Sunday Mornings. There is also a small group feature that can help you find and join a discipleship group.

You Version Bible App

This is one of the best Bible apps available, giving you access to numerous Bible translations, a daily verse highlight, hundreds of daily devotionals and other study tools. Each week the pastor creates an Event for the church. The event includes the scriptures, an area to take notes, and a devotional corresponding to the message to help you go deeper. Find Events in the menu then search for Galloway Church.

Rightnow Media

Rightnow media gives you free access to an enormous library of Christian teachers who cover a wide range of topics and Bible studies. These provide great resources for personal study or can be used by a group. They can by used through the app on your phone, tablet, or smart TV. Rightnow Media can also be accessed online on your computer. 

Remind App

This is a communication app used by many schools, sports teams and other groups. Our Youth and Rookies use it to communicate with parents about upcoming events, so parents can stay informed and up to date.


We use facebook as means of communication to the congregation and to the community. It is one of our most effective tools for getting news out about events we are hosting and inviting neighbors and friends to come.

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