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Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it. Malachi 3:14 NIV 

Three Ways to Give

ONLINE – Use the GIVE ONLINE button to enter the online giving form through Paypal. Note that you have the option of covering the transaction fees by checking the box that gives your approval to do so.

OFFERING ENVELOPES – Weekly Offering Envelops can be requested from through the church office. Call or email to request yours. You can use a check or cash in the envelope. Make checks payable to GALLOWAY CHURCH.

CASH DONATIONS – Cash can be placed in the offering plates on Sunday mornings. Blank envelops are available at the Welcome Desk if you prefer.

Offering Categories

GENERAL BUDGETThis funds all of the ordinary expenses of the church that are included in the church budget.

FREEDOM FUND – Everything given to the Freedom Fund or mortgage will be applied to the principle of our mortgage. This goes above our regular monthly mortgage payment that is part of our budget and will help us pay off our mortgage early so we can be debt FREE!

SPECIAL OFFERINGS – You always have to option to designate a gift to a specific purpose of ministry. That may be a gift to a ONE THING project, a gift to a missionary we support as a church, or an area of ministry, such as: Youth ministry, Building Fund, or Pastor’s Discretionary Fund. If the online form does not have a special category added for the particular ministry you want to support, it may be necessary to use an offering envelope to label the donation and/or you may write a check to GALLOWAY CHURCH and note on the memo line the specific designation for the gift.

Please note that we can only receive donations for ministries conducted by or supported by Galloway Church.

Maintain a Pure Heart in Giving

• Always pray and let the Holy Spirit lead you.
• Always give because you love God, the Gospel, and to bless others.
• Always be joyful when you can give in whatever way God calls you.
• Never give out of emotional impulse, peer pressure or guilt.
• Never give to gain personal recognition or to create a legacy for yourself.
• Never give expecting to gain power, influence, or control.

Biblical Instructions for Giving

FIRST FRUITS—Give to God first. If you give to God first (write the check, take out the cash or set up auto payment) it makes God your priority because you’re not making God wait for your leftovers. Genesis 4:4

TITHING—Give God one tenth of your income. Consistently giving one tenth of your income allows you to see God provide over time. If you give is only when you think of it or just when you go to church, you will also see God’s care as random, instead of faithful and reliable. Malachi 3:10

SACRIFICIAL GENEROSITY—Giving above and beyond the Tithe may call forth great sacrifice but brings great blessing. Acts 2:42-47

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